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Tea was firstly introduced to Kenya by an European man named G.W. L. Caine in 1903. The first tea grown for cultivation and consumption started in 1918 on a plantation called Kiambethu Farm. Over the years, tea growing region has expanded to the Great Rift Valley and Nairobi. [5] Today, Kenya exports more tea than India, Sri Lanka, and China. [6]




In Kenya, Chai is commonly prepared in a large pot. Depending on the region, tribe, or social class in Kenya, Chai is made differently. At some regions, they use goat milk rather than cow milk. [7]

Serving Tea at a Community Gathering

Photo by advocacy_project / CC BY

Chai Made in Big Bucket

Photo by inthehandofdante / CC BY

Tea with Mandazi

Photo by maureendidde / CC BY

In Swahili (and Hindi), Chai means tea. While many people like to enjoy tea with snacks, Kenyan tea often goes well with a snack called Mandazi or mandaazi, a semi-sweet fried bread originated from Eastern Africa. [1]




Compare to Indian Chai, Kenyan Chai usually adds a lot more sugar, which makes it sweeter. [2] The recipe can be as simple as mixture of tea, milk, and sugar, omitting Masala mix. (Asian spice mixture) [3]




In Kenya, tea is enjoyed anytime. It is served at breakfast, morning break, after lunch, afternoon tea, after dinner. According to Sadia's Tea Party, "Teatime [in Kenya] is a custom borrowed from the British colonial past and tea making style originated in India with some African influences." [4] Like many tea cultures around the world, Chai is served as a part of showing hospitality to guests and visitors. 


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