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Easter Adorable Carrot Cake



April is coming up, which means Easter Holiday is approaching as well! There will be a bunch of Easter recipes just for you and your Easter party! Let's get started with some fun recipes that you may enjoy making with your friends or kids!

INGREDIENTS Chocolate cake

Chocolate Frosting

Oreos, crushed

Sour Punch Straws for stems

Mascarpone Filling (carrot):

16 oz. mascarpone cheese (2 8 oz. containers)

1 C. powdered sugar

orange food dye


1. Bake your favorite chocolate cupcake and let it cool.

2. Meanwhile, prepare chocolate frosting and Mascarpone filling.

3. To assemble, first, cut a hole out of the tops of the cooled cupcakes.

Then, spread chocolate frosting around the hole and topped with crushed Oreos.

Then, fill a piping bag with mascarpone filling and use a round tip.

Then, fill the hole with orange mascarpone so it looks like a carrot.

Finally, cut off a small piece of Sour Punch Straw and Push it into the top of the "carrot" to make it look like a stem.

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