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St. Patrick's Chocolate Covered Four-Leaf Clover Shortbread Cookies


Do you want something simple, but add some flavors of St. Patrick's? If you already have a four leaf clover cookie cutter, this recipe is just for you! (If you don't have one, don't worry! The green chocolate will help a lot in emphasizing the holiday theme!) Most importantly, you can make this with any basic cookie recipes: shortbread, butter, brown sugar, etc.


  • Your favorite Cookie Dough

  • Four-leaf Clover Cookie Cutter

  • Green chocolate candy melt

  • Wax Paper

  • milk/dark chocolate

  • Squeeze bottle for drizzling chocolate


  1. Make your favorite cookies with four-leaf clover cookie cutter, and let them cool on a wire rack.

  2. Melt green chocolate candy melts with microwave or over a pot of hot water. Be careful not to over melt the candies, or else they will crystalize quickly!

  3. Dip half of the cookie in the green candy and let it cool on wax paper. (or refrigerate for 10 minutes)

  4. When the green candy is dried, melt the milk/dark chocolate the same way.

  5. Dip the other half of the cookie in the chocolate.

  6. Dry on a sheet of wax paper.

  7. Let it cool.

  8. Lastly, fill squeeze bottle with melted chocolate and drizzle onto cooled cookies.


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