Raspberry Meringue Sandwiches with Dark Chocolate Ganache Filling


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This sweet sandwich recipe is perfect as a Valentine's Day gift or snack. It is absolutely rosy and romantic. Adding a dark chocolate ganache filling to a raspberry meringue is a heavenly flavor for many people with a "sweetooth!"

Many people ask if they are not good at piping a rose, what should they do? It is all about practicing. Practice makes perfect! First, make sure the merginue batter is in "stiff glossy peaks form," which means when you pick it up, the peak doesn't fall. It takes around 10 minutes or more if you are mixing with an electrical mixer on high speed.

Now, you should already have a piping bag and a 2D tip. Practice as much as you want until you are satisfy with your rose. You can also switch to a different 2D tip to make the perfect rose you want.

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