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CAKE: A comparison of butter, oil, shortening, & margarine

Sometimes, we bake a cake but the texture is COMPLETELY different from what we expected. Here is an excellent guide without worrying about that!

*We should be thankful to have this experiment done by "The Cake Blog" so we can choose the best cake we like without too much trials! Their blog is also the perfect place for any CAKE STUFF! Visit their site below!

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Alchemy of Tea, 16"x20"

Poster that illustrates the beauty of Tea Making

Evolution of Ice Cream, 16"x20"

Ice Cream first appeared in history around 5000 years ago, and how does it evolved over time until today?

Genesis of Cookies, 16"x20"

Poster that illustrates the origin of cookies with place & time of invention

Cookie Phone Case, black

(iphone 4-7, Samsung Galaxy S4-S7)

Fill your phone with cookies and discover their origin of place and time!

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