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Make your Chocolate Butterfly

This is a fantastic method to make your own chocolate butterfly!! Sweetooth tried it already for a birthday cake and it looks wonderful! Try it when you have time!


1. Chocolate chips (the less tasty, more waxy melting chocolate from the bulk bin is best) in your choice of colour.

2. A ziploc freezer bag.

3. Parchment paper.

4. 8 1/2″ x 11″ (or thereabouts) card stock.


1. Fold your card stock lengthwise down the centre. Open it up to about a ninety degree angle.

2. Cut sheets of parchment paper about the same size as your card stock, and crease them down the middle.Make lots of room in your freezer.

3. Heat a bowl of water in the microwave for about two minutes – long enough to get the water hot but not boiling. Meanwhile, fill your ziploc bag with a big handful of chocolate chips.

4. Spread the chocolate out in a single layer in the bottom of the bag and set the bag in the hot water. Turn the bag over a few times and smush the chocolate around until it is all melted – no lumps!

5. Squeeze all the chocolate into one corner of the bag, and, holding it like a pastry bag, snip off the corner. You only want to snip a tiny bit off – you want a hole that is small enough to be precise, but large enough that the chocolate can flow easily through it.

6. Draw your butterfly on the parchment paper, using the crease as a guide for the centre of the butterfly’s body. Start by drawing a stick in that crease, then add wings on either side. Try for symmetry, but don’t worry too much. You want to keep your hand moving in a steady, flowing motion so you don’t get any lumps or thin spots.

7. You can probably get about three 2 1/2″ butterflies on one page of parchment paper.

8. Let your butterflies sit for just a moment, so the chocolate can cool a little bit. Gently lift your parchment and set it into your folded card stock, lining up the crease in the paper with the fold in the card stock. This folding lifts the wings of the butterflies.

9. Put your butterflies in the freezer to harden (using various items from your freezer to prop the card stock up if necessary). Leave them at least three minutes – or longer if you have time. You will know your butterflies are ready when their wings peel easily away from the parchment paper.

Original Recipe:


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