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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts. Filled With Marshmallow

This is a really unique recipe working with marshmallow, strawberry, and chocolate coating. Not only it looks good, but definitely will taste good too. Best to make it as a special gift.


1. store-bought marshmallow cream OR cook you own. (See recipe link below)

2. good quality dark chocolate

3. either red candy melts OR a red candy pen

4. optional: red disco dust (Note: Disco dust used to be labeled as non-toxic, but now they have added the label non-edible as well.)

5. strawberries


1. cut your strawberries: Rip the stem off. Slice in half down the middle. Use a small knife to cut out the middle of each half

2. Stick a toothpick through each half to attach them.

3. Use a butter knife, small knife or spoon to scoop melted marshmallow into each half. *Tip: Before scooping marshmallow into strawberry, use a paper towel to dry out as much of the liquid from the strawberry as possible.

4. Now to melt your chocolate.

5. The next step is to dollop the chocolate onto the strawberries and marshmallow. Carefully use a small knife or spoon to spread the chocolate so that it pours over the sides. Make sure the strawberries are dry (use paper towel) before covering in chocolate. If you wanted to, you could stop now and simply remove the toothpicks. Or, you can cover the top side as well.

6. Turn strawberries over, remove toothpicks and dollop more chocolate on top.

7. Push the chocolate so that it pours down the sides.

8. If you want to glitter up your chocolate covered strawberries, melt your red candy melt or candy pen (directions on back of pen). Drizzle on top of strawberry and then pour disco dust over. Once the red chocolate hardens, pick up chocolate covered strawberry and shake off excess.

9. ENJOY or BOX it as a gift.

Original Recipe:


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