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Wall Art For Ramen Lovers. Spice Up Your Wall with Ramen! The Ramen Poster is the Perfect Wall Art with Your Crave of Ramen!

The Ramen Poster is a graphic design project founded by Kickstarter. The design is created by Fanny Chu, who self-claimed to be a ramen freak. She is also the blogger who writes the blog, My Ramen House, which is about ramen and other Japanese food that she tried around the world.

"I personally think ramen has unlimited potentiality, I've heard there's even pineapple ramen too. However, there is an authenticity in ramen type. For example, no one would say ramen from Northern Japan will have similar taste compare to Southern Japan. The resources and histories are different, which created their own ramen culture.


I wanted to list out as many delicious ramen recipes as I can, and I selected the top 25 most favorite ramen recipes including the famous Tantanmen and Tsukemen."


-Fanny Chu

The Ramen Poster, Traditional Background

The Ramen Poster, Festival Background



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