April 17, 2015

 Source: http://www.tammileetips.com/


Earth's Day is coming up, on April 22nd. Let's get ready for some kid's project! This recipe is very easy to work with, and the outcome is fantastic for celebrating a peaceful Earth's Day. Introduced by Tammileetips.com, Tammilee i...

March 16, 2015

Source: http://www.lifeloveandsugar.com/

Love surprises in your ordinary pound cake? For St. Patrick's, try this Peek-A-Boo shamrock cake. What you need to do is to pre-made a green pound cake, slice them, and cut them into shamrock shape.
Let's start before it is too...

March 14, 2015

Source: http://iambaker.net/


Green is the color for St. Patrick's Day! This recipe is great to play with food coloring to make a beautiful green ombre layered cake. Basically, this is very easy to make with any of your favorite white cake recipe. The result is clean, p...

April 21, 2014

This cupcake is extremely cute and perfect for those of you who celebrate Earth Day! Along with the earthy color cupcake, a red frosting heart is beautifully carved into the cupcake.



Earth Day has been officially celebrated worldwide in 1990. Original...

March 19, 2014

This is the most natural dried fruits you can ever get, especially if you also love organic ones too. Just realized how we always rely on consuming food that we thought we can't make it ourselves. However this method does take some time, so just make them ahead of time...

March 11, 2014

If you happen to have a lot of marble balls, you should probably try this recipe for St. Patrick's Day party!! Just a easy way to make cupcake with the shape of shamrock!


It will also be cute to make it as a FLOWER, just with different toppings.


Original Recipe:


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Battenberg Apricot Jam and Covered with Marzipan

February 3, 2015

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