May 1, 2014

It's almost time for Cinco de Mayo. (May 5th) Usually we see a color giant horse with tons of sweets inside, BUT THIS TIME we are introducing this recipe by It is such a fantastic sugar cookie recipe with surprise inside! Not only perfect for the holiday,...

April 27, 2014

If you like cute things, you can't miss this tutorial on making these adorable animals with pretzels! This recipes came from the daughter of Kendra Arch from Stop Lookin' Keep Cookin'. Don't let your imagination stops with making these cute animal snacks!


Original Reci...

March 23, 2014

Flowers are not only beautiful, some are also edible. They can be used in your recipe for a nice touch.


Original Recipe:


List of Edible Flowers:

March 10, 2014

This is the first time I see Cotton Candy Cookies. Very creative and inspiring, however it might be difficult to look for cotton candy. Still, if you happen to try this recipe, I am sure everyone will love it! ^^



100 g butter at room temperature

65 g of icin...

March 5, 2014

Sweetooth loves Fruit Roll-up, but sadly only had the typical commercial ones before. (It might be weird to say that) this recipe is going to bring a new taste of fruit roll-up and will be the best candy for Sweetooth, at least without any perservative!!


Original Recip...

March 2, 2014

Truly inspiring method to cast your favorite chocolate. What you need is just brown sugar and something you want to mold. It is fun to make with kids too!


Original Recipe:












February 23, 2014

Don't get fooled by its appearance, they are cookies inspired by candy corn. Fun to make as gifts and prepare ahead of time for your guests!


Original Recipe:

February 15, 2014

Sweet Heart Valentine Pops

24 mini candy canes

12 6" lollipop sticks

1 cup white candy coating, like CandiQuik Sprinkles



1. Heat oven to 300 degrees. On a parchment lined baking sheet, arrange the candy canes as hearts with the lollipop stick centered in between...

February 9, 2014

This is a really unique recipe working with marshmallow, strawberry, and chocolate coating. Not only it looks good, but definitely will taste good too. Best to make it as a special gift.



1. store-bought marshmallow cream OR cook you own. (See recipe...

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Battenberg Apricot Jam and Covered with Marzipan

February 3, 2015

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