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Cakes were not only a meal or dessert to enjoy, it was used as symbols and representation for religious ceremonies and occasions celebrations from ancient times. Starting from at least the 8th century BC China, it was already a tradition to eat rice cakes during Chinese New Year for bringing good luck in the coming year. [1]


The first known birthday cake was recorded in the first century BCE from the book, Tristia, written by Latin poet Ovid. From his book, Ovid mentioned about celebrating his birthday with a birthday party and cake. [2] Today, cakes still play an important role in family gatherings, holiday celebrations, and ceremonial occasions like weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.

Tea is by far the second most consumed beverage in the world. (first is water) Not only most restaurants and coffee shops serve tea, it almost became a trend to see newly opened tea shops around the corner everywhere in the city.
There are too many tea recipes that you can find on the internet today; however, traditional tea recipes always have their own unique ingredients and teaware associate with their origin. For example, tea in Tibet is made with salt and butter. In Russia and many European and Middle East countries, it is common to make tea with a set of teaware called samovar. In the next few weeks, our team will investigate these unique tea recipes and their history behind it.

Derived from the Dutch word "koekje," (which means little cake) the term, cookie, firstly appear on print in 1703. However documented manuscripts show that cookie making already has over 2,000 years of history. Cookies were used to be the essential food for travelers and army like the Ancient Roman Legion. Today, cookies become sweet snack and principal ingredient of many desserts. Let's discover the origin of our today's most famous cookies HERE!

SweeTooth Design Company is all about food, design, & games! Our knowledge page was originally an educational place for food history & culture. We recently also include a new category about the history of classic games! Sweetooth hopes you will find it fun, easy, and interesting to read! 

Pastry actually has a very long history, as early as 10,000 years ago from the Ancient Mediterranean, which later branch out to the Greek and Phoenician colonization in the 800 BCE. Although today we might think pastry making requires many tools and technique, the ancient civilization had developed their food culture through surrounded resources available and unique method of baking sweet food.

Our designs are all inspired by our initial food knowledge research. Our team realizes these knowledge can be represented on illustrations perfectly as a fun educational poster! We continue to follow this knowledge approach to bring more creative food-related products.  



A diagram poster that creatively shows the mixture of popular tea recipes around the world. Let's discover and try new recipes through this poster!




Inspired  by our Cookie Knowledge, "Genesis of Cookies" is our first limited edition poster that illustrates these delicious confectionary with its documented place and time of discovery.

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