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OTHER NAMES: पचीसी (in Hindu)


Pachisi is one of intriguing cross and circle type board game that originated in ancient India, it has been dubbed the national game of India. Pachisi consist of a symmetrical cross board and six tokens. The name Pachisi comes from the Hindi word Pachis, which means twenty-five, and is the largest score to win the game. 



The Indian Emperor Akbar I of the 16th century Mogul Empire, apparently played Chaupar on great courts constructed of inlaid marble. He would sit on a Dias four feet high in the centre of the court and throw the cowry shells. On the red and white squares around him, 16 beautiful women from the harem, appropriately coloured, would move around according to his directions. Remains of these boards can be seen today in Agra and Allahabad. (1)



In 1896, Pachisi was first published in England by the name of Ludo, and became very popular among the people. While in the United states John Hamilton of the Hudson River Valley acquired the copyright on the game in 1867, and eventually ended up in the possession of Selchow and Righter in 1870 which trademarked the game in 1874. (2) From then, Pachisi became one of the best sellers and enjoyed by many board game lovers.

Pachisi Court in Emperor Akbar I's palace at Fatehpur Sikri (Northern India)

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Game box for playing Senet

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The origin of games is one of the oldest human civilization lineage, spanning over millenniums of development to date. From archaeological evidence traditional games is one of the fundamental aspect of life in the ancient world, and is paramount to the development of social culture and military strategies. Many of these games became modern day family fun for holidays and occasions to enjoy.

Family Playing Boardgame Together

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