Chinese Checkers

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Halma Game

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OTHER NAMES: Chinese chequers (UK)



Chinese Checkers was invented in Germany in 1892 based on an older American game by the name of Halma, the only difference is that Chinese Checkers is a star shape which allows more players to engage.


Chinese Checkers is not from China and has no connection with Asia or the game Checkers, and is often incorrectly related to Marble Solitaire. The first version of the game was published by the German company Ravensburger with that name "Stern-Halma", which translates to Star-Halma. Then in 1928 Pressman & Co. brought the game over to the United States under the name "Hop Ching Checkers", and shortly after the Pressman brothers marketed the game with "Chinese Checkers" to keep up with the trend of interest with oriental imports at the time. [1]



Chinese checkers is a strategy game that can be played with 2-6 people in free-for-all or team mode. The game consist of 6 sets of 10 checker pieces and focuses on planning and strategy. The objective of the game is to be the first one to take all your pieces across the board to the opposite side. [2]



The game is still widely played in East Asia and Europe, and is a great game for pastime for group of people. 

Chinese Checkers & Box Marketed with Chinese imagery

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Game box for playing Senet

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The origin of games is one of the oldest human civilization lineage, spanning over millenniums of development to date. From archaeological evidence traditional games is one of the fundamental aspect of life in the ancient world, and is paramount to the development of social culture and military strategies. Many of these games became modern day family fun for holidays and occasions to enjoy.

Family Playing Boardgame Together

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Chinese Checkers Played with 5 Players

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