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Our First Poster Design!


"Genesis of Cookies" was our first poster design ever! Thanks to Kickstarter and over 100+ backers, we began our first poster production in April 2014.  Check out who supported us on our THANK YOU PAGE!

From our knowledge research "History of Cookies," there are long lists and details of cookies, which many people may not have the time to read. Eventually we continue with a simpler way to bring food knowledge and history by designing the first cookie history poster, "GENESIS of COOKIES." POSTER


There are 30 cookies on the poster, and each is indicated with its documented origin of place and time. The 16"x20" print has two background to choose from: LIGHT or DARK. It is printed with water-based ink onto 100% recycled 100 lb. cardboard matte paper. While this is a limited edition product, each "Genesis of Cookies" poster is personally signed and numbered.

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