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Photo by whitneyinchicago / CC BY



Poland, Sweden, or East Europe



OTHER NAMES: Sunny thumbprint Cookies, Hallongrotta (means "Raspberry cave" in Swedish) [1], bird’s nest cookies, butter ball or Polish tea cake [2]


The name, Thumbprint, came from the way of making this cookie, in which one will press with the thumb in the center of the cookie dough for jam filling later. The jam is either filled while baking the cookies or after it has been baked. [3]


Creation of the thumbprint cookie is around 19th century. [4] However, there is still dispute of its origin. It is often credit to either the people of Poland, Sweden or the Jewish people of Eastern Europe. [5]


Thumbprint is such a versatile cookie that has so many variations and they are very popular holiday cookies too. [6] A very attractive, appetizing recipe called “Thumbprint Cookie with Hershey Chocolate” is one of the most popular choices. [6]



Butter, sugar, eggs, baking powder, all purpose flour, flavoring, jam or preserve filling


Optional: margarine, coconut, salt, pecans, hazelnuts brown sugar, filling with chocolate, toffee, pumpkin butter, or icing

Using a Thumb to Press on center of cookie dough

Photo by sweetbeetandgreenbean / CC BY

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