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OTHER NAMES: Linzertorte, Linzer sablés, Linzer Augen (meaning “Linzer eyes“in German)


The name, Linzer, came from Linzertorte, which is an Austrian torte/tart originated from Linz, Austria. [1] This cookie is crisp if serves on the same day it assembles, and it can also be soft when stored with filling. [2]


The oldest Linzer torte known written recipe was in 1653, [3] and similarly Linzer cookies use the same recipe as Linzertorte but presented in cookie form. It is a cookie sandwich: the top cookie, dusted with confectioners sugar, has a cutout so the preserves are visible. (known as Linzer eyes or Linzer Augen) While the traditional cutout is circular, all sorts of shapes, such as hearts, are also popular. [4]


When Linzer torte was bought to the United States in the 19th century, it became really popular. [3] Today Linzer cookie is still very commonly used in celebrating Christmas and other holidays as well. [5]



Almond/hazelnuts, ground cinnamon, butter, sugar, egg, flour, flavoring, jam/preserves, confectioner’s sugar


Optional: walnuts, lemon zest, salt, baking powder/soda

Photo by 4636503522 / CC BY

A Linzer Biscuit with a Japanese Quince Filling

Photo by neonzu1 / CC BY

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